Ben Carland | Director/Filmmaker

Ben Carland | Director/Filmmaker

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Genesis Cave

Status: In Development

GENESIS CAVE is a sci-fi horror that follows a deep-space survey team as they explore a newly-discovered asteroid at the edge of the galaxy. A power source was detected at the heart of the asteroid that makes it the most valuable find in human history. Whoever gets there first will have the power of a god at their command, earning it the codename: Genesis.

But the cave is much more than it seems. It leads people astray, blocks all communication, and plagues the team with horrible nightmares - getting worse the deeper they descend. Some are driven mad, others fall prey to the caves hidden defenses. As they close in on the core, they’re unable to deny the growing dread that they’re not exploring, they’re being led. They’re not unlocking a power source, they’re unleashing something that’s been lying dormant. But by then it doesn’t matter, because the Genesis Cave already has them.