Ben Carland | Director/Filmmaker

Ben Carland | Director/Filmmaker

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The Dawn Tower

DAWN TOWER is a dark fantasy film about a teenage girl named Alana that lives in a medieval world of magic and monsters. Magic is the lifeblood of this world but it has mysteriously run out, forcing everyone to fight each other for the last remaining scraps. Alana lives in a small village, mostly untouched by this conflict, but one day a creature attacks and Alana gets caught in the crossfire: she’s struck with a black curse that’s slowly taking over her body. Eventually it will kill her and turn her into a monster like the one that attacked her.

Rather than wait for death, Alana faces her fate and heads into the wild to seek out an ancient stronghold called Dawn Tower. Legends say the most powerful magic-users of the world live there — if anyone can help her, it’s them. 

But the world has become evil since anyone from Alana’s village last crossed it. People are at each other’s throats fighting over the last magic, bandits plague the roads and villages are under militant guard. But worst of all are the rumors of a dark presence that hunts the wilds. A malevolent force that’s rotting the woods and twisting unwary travelers into vile creatures. Alana must race to the Tower as her body betrays her, her friends abandon her, and her worst fears are realized: that her curse and the darkness overtaking the world are deeply connected.

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