Ben Carland | Director/Filmmaker

Ben Carland | Director/Filmmaker

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Some frame grabs from a new and very fun genre project I've been working on. More from it soon :)

Festival Fun

My first film, SOL, and my latest film, POSSESSION, will be screening at the Outer Banks Halloween Film Festival this weekend. If you're in town go join them for the fun!


Coast 2 Coast 2 Coast

90 hours of transit time to Thailand apparently wasn't enough so Megan and I ended up with some more travels on our hands. LA and then Peru(!) where we had to stop and see Machu Picchu. That was one doozy of a hike :) I naturally snagged some Peruvian Pipes while I was there and would describe my playing thusly:

A few shots from Machu Picchu...

Thailand (Again)

So that first trip to Thailand earlier this summer was so much fun that I decided to go back! This time for my honeymoon :) The wife and I had a fantastic time, I slipped in some very fun writing, and we went scuba diving! Wow was that cool. It was like swimming in an episode of Blue Planet. My favorite stills from it are below:




Forest Fun

Can't top a day that starts in the woods (with coffee)...