Ben Carland | Director/Filmmaker

Ben Carland | Director/Filmmaker

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Sprinting a Marathon

It's September now? Wait, it's almost October now? Where did that long weekend lovingly known as "late summer" disappear to?! Damn if it hasn't been the busiest summer ever! So many awesome things all came flying down the pipe at once this year. So Shadows should have technically been done by now but a few last minute post hiccups sprung out of the bushes and have delayed things a bit. It's been an interesting test of patience (as I'm the least patient person I can think of) to get through all of these speed bumps in a way that's best for the movie rather than best for my short attention span. Even though a few weeks of delay here and there quickly piles up to give me gray hairs and make me drink, it ultimately means very little in the bigger picture, and whatever results in the best final film should always win out because that's all that viewers will see and that's all that will love on.  The rest is just beer bottles that need to be recycled.

Things are largely down to the last looks and the remaining elements are just finishing touches on mixes and dialogue works and a few misc pickup shots. Hoping to have it all come together in a couple weeks! In the meantime, here are a couple fun photos that were snapped during principal cast ADR earlier this summer.