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Ben Carland | Director/Filmmaker

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Fit for Summer

What a fantastically busy summer it's been! I've been rolling away with post on SHADOWS (as indicated by the slew of recent Twitter stills) as well as a plate of corporate and commercial projects. Hopefully I can share more of those soon pending client approval, etc. Of particular fun was a commercial I recently produced for an old friend that worked on both SOL and SHADOWS. It was a :60 TV commercial for CrossFit Gym that we filmed in Hendersonville, NC. Was a bit hectic pulling gear, cast, and crew in from LA, NYC, and around the region over such a short amount of time, but there were a lot of familiar faces from either the film school days or the crew on SOL, so it was wonderful seeing everyone and working together again.

The commercial was pretty much all exteriors around Hendersonville and anyone familiar with the area (especially during the summer) knows that the weather is anything but dependable. Unless the certainty of rain counts as dependable... But we were very fortunate and got everything shot before the rains moved in both days. The local community was incredibly accommodating to us both in terms of locations and logistics, as well as extras and volunteers. The commercial turned out great and I'll be sure to post it once it's been released. Thanks to everyone involved!

A few stills from the production: