Ben Carland | Director/Filmmaker

Ben Carland | Director/Filmmaker

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(re)Direct Landing

As SHADOWS nears completion and some upcoming projects pick up steam, I'll be redirecting a few of the associated sites here while they undergo an overhaul. So if you're new here: welcome! Grab a drink and pull up a chair... (Use a coaster though. This isn't a barn.)

Clouds Are Gathering

Let's hope all this rain clears out before production on SHADOWS begins in a few days. To remember more scenic times, here are a few stills from a corporate project we recently wrapped:  



Cooking for the Camera

The documentary/reality TV program I've been working on called "Future Legends" is rolling through post production right now. Two rounds of revisions and now we're on to the Director's Cut. Can't wait to send it out. In the meantime, I thought it'd be fun to share some shots from a previous program I made called "Appalachian Eats." The weather and the fall foliage were perfect for the shoot, and there was so much good food!