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Recently wrapped a very cool and unique project (for a great cause!) with the folks at i2 Marketing and Mission Foundation in Asheville, NC. It's making the rounds at a couple theaters and sites now. Posted here for your personal enjoyment. Kudos to everyone involved!  

The Roof(ing) is on Fire

Recently wrapped and posted a fun commercial/corporate video that I shot back in the fall for North American Roofing. This was such a fun shoot and everyone involved was really a pleasure to work with. The FX took a little trial and error to reach something that looked nice while still delivering the intended silly and slapstick feel. Check it out!  

Orchard Night

Had a very fun, albeit cold, commercial night shoot a few weeks back in a local apple orchard. This project had been in development for quite some time and everything came together at the VERY last minute. The concept required a lush apple orchard, and by the time everything else fell into place, all the orchards were barren. Guess we got lucky with our selection because by the time we rolled, several cold snaps had come through and it was probably the absolute last orchard with any proper leaves (or apples). Anyway, the shoot was a blast and I got to pull some of the band back together from the days of "SOL" on both the production and post sides. We're currently working on the FX for it and it should start airing around the holidays. Had some awesome set photos so I decided to make a gallery for them here. Enjoy!


Marathon Month

Can't remember the last time I've been churning out so much footage at the same time. October has been fantastic, with several great commercials taking advantage of the weather and scenery that we've had here in WNC. The last few weeks have had multiple shoots on the same day - including a fun adventure to film wine pressing as the sun was coming up - all while concepting the next shoots and trying to stay on schedule for post with SHADOWS. Seems like the leaves just aren't around long enough to accommodate everyone's projects. Anyway, a few pictures included below from a fun commercial shoot from last week that may or may not have involved setting hairpieces on fire :)  

United Way 2013

Forgot to mention: a cool project I wrapped with United Way of Henderson County late this summer has been released. I love working with non-profits, especially ones in my hometown area, because you get so see so much of what goes on behind the scenes in a community. This one was particularly fun being involved in the early concepting and trying something with a new, fresh feel to it. Go UWHC!