Ben Carland | Director/Filmmaker

Ben Carland | Director/Filmmaker

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Finish(ing) Line (Again)

Happy new year, everyone! It's been a surprisingly busy winter so far with plenty of commercials, some new gear, and plenty of writing and editing - and a couple blizzards to trudge through in the process.

POSSESSION has been picture locked and turned over to its sound designers, composers and colorists for the fun stuff. We're nearing the finish line with that and should have something ready to share in a couple weeks.  

In the meantime I've been keeping myself busy with some other projects and writing a feature length version of the film, which has been a blast. Normally making yourself sit down to slog through a draft can be a long haul but this has been surprisingly refreshing. Expanding the characters that I've already gotten to know pretty well and running with their goals has been like sitting down and saying "If I could watch more of this movie what would I, as an audience member, want to see?" and running with it from there. 

With that no longer keeping me up at night it's been fun diving into a genre project to shoot this spring. More on that coming soon!