Ben Carland | Director/Filmmaker

Ben Carland | Director/Filmmaker

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Next Up...

It has been a fantastic summer. Lots of travel, great adventures, new clients, fun projects, new friends, new gear, and more new projects (and lots of late-night edits). I never realized so much could be packed into so few months - here's hoping for a fall that's just as crazy! Also, my film SHADOWS ON THE WALL has found its distributor, started playing in festivals, and is on its way to exhibitors for a late summer/early fall release. So with that largely out of my hands now (as much as an indie film can be anyway) it's time to dive in to the next one:

POSSESSION is going to be awesome. It's a cabin-in-the-woods style horror film with a fun (and creepy) sci-fi twist to it. The feature length version of the script is still being developed, but while that takes shape, I've decided to shoot a shorter version of the film to flesh out the characters, tone and overall style of it. I've never approached a project this way and it'll be great to let the film take shape in a more hands-on, live manner. So we're starting by producing a short, a distilled version of the characters, conflict, and tone into a ~20 minute version of the film to let us "test drive" every element of the film.

We're currently aiming for production this fall (October) at some very cool locations in the mountains of North Carolina. Casting and crewing is currently in progress so if you live in the region and would like to be involved, use the contact form on this site for more information.