Ben Carland | Director/Filmmaker

Ben Carland | Director/Filmmaker

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What's Up?

It's been a while so I wanted to post a bit about the latest fun stuff!

- Most importantly, I've been collaborating with some distributors to decide our best release options for SHADOWS ON THE WALL and we've just about got that settled. We've been working to get all the deliverables prepped and I hope to have something more concrete to report soon. But I think I'm just a couple weeks from turning the film over and getting it ready to send out to the world.

- I've been having a blast finishing the screenplay for a project that I've been developing for a while now. It's an awesome sci-fi horror film called GENESIS CAVE. Now I've started working with some really talented concept artists on nailing down the right vibe for it. My personal favorite so far: 

- With that moving along, this summer is looking pretty busy; here's hoping it doesn't fly by as quickly as last year's. A couple fun commercial projects have been coming down the pipe and will probably be posted here as delivered. Some more new narrative projects are also collapsing into place (that's what I call it anyway): including another sci-fi film that I'll be listing soon - this one is thoroughly creepy :)