Ben Carland | Director/Filmmaker

Ben Carland | Director/Filmmaker

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Ben Carland is an independent commercial, music video and feature director. His feature film SHADOWS ON THE WALL was completed and released in 2015 after its festival run, including Roswell Sci-Fi and a nomination for Best Sci-Fi at the Burbank International Film Festival. It's now available on most major VOD networks. POSSESSION (short) was finished in 2016 and picked up after a festival run in 2017 for a similar release, with LUMA (short) completed in 2018 and released on global VOD.

Ben is currently in post production on the off-world sci-fi feature SOL INVICTUS and wrapping up post production on his third feature, a post apocalyptic survival film (aptly) titled SURVIVE, filmed in the mountains of North Carolina in 2018.

In addition to features, Ben has directed dozens of commercial and documentary projects for lots of great people, agencies, and organizations around the world - with some other shorts and miscellaneous CREATIVE PROJECTS thrown in the mix as well.